Situational Analysis

Digitalisation in the maritime domain is never an off-the-shelf solution. Knowing its own situation, conditions, involved actors, business concepts, digitalisation needs, and more is essential for a successful digital implementation. We offer our clients an in-depth Situational Analysis to be able to start any decision on the way forward with solid facts and good situational awareness of the specific needs and conditions.

The MarineFields experts are using a series of tools, developed and matured through real life experience, to provide our clients with the perfect basis for their digitalization project, be it for moving from analog to digital or for improving the already existing digital implementation.

Market Information

Business decisions based on wrong market assumptions can be fatal for any business. Whether you plan new services, try to improve your existing offering, or increase your customer and partner perception, we can help you to obtain the necessary market intelligence for solid decisions with high chances of success. Based on your needs, MarineFields can develop a detailed “SWOT” analysis, documenting your organisations “Strength”, “Weaknesses”, “Opportunities” and “Risks”; Or we can create an analysis of your specific competitive landscape.

MarineFields market research team creates customized reports to give you an edge in your business. We provide current and future market trends, regulations and standards for your specific needs and strategic plans.

Defining Areas of improvement

MarineFields clients are professionals in their respective maritime market domain, and they often have some plans on where they want to improve their organization and services. In the last few years, the experience shows that digitalization has its own strength and weaknesses. While in depth maritime domain knowledge guaranteed so far success, the increasing digitalization, the need for data sharing and collaboration as well as the pressure for optimization are changing the game. MarineFields is offering its expertise and know-how to identify the areas of improvements with best chances for a good return of investment and to prepare you for the digital presence and future.

Implementing digital concepts

The “Digital Age“ requires implementation of digital concepts by any of the maritime actors. But any implementation needs the specific expertise in those digital concepts to ensure an implementation fits the specific conditions. As an independent consultant MarineFields can organize, structure and manage the implementation of your chosen digital solution while reducing the disruption of your day-to-day business.

Solution analysis

Choosing among the new generated solutions is not an easy task. All of them are claiming to be the perfect solution for the needs they address. While MarineFields offers digital solutions we understand one size does not fit all. As such MarineFields offers independent solution analysis, providing you with pros and cons for the candidate solutions for your digital needs. This consultancy service will provide you with the basis for your decision on which solution to choose.


Information is the new “Gold”. To meet current business challenges, it is important to obtain the necessary information to make educated, smart business decisions.
We offer various information papers to support your business. Click Read More to preview the documents provided below.

Data Collection, Analysis and Presentation

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exchanging routes was discussed as early as 2010. The first exchange of route information had been implemented between voyage planning stations…

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The Regulatory and Standardization
Landscape in the Maritime Domain

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