Build a better business with MarineFields. Connect all maritime actors in one place, instantly share information or have complete control over planned and completed port calls all around the world.

Perseus – Data Sharing made easy

A digital infrastructure between all maritime connected actors allows for one interface to be shared by everyone. This means that any actor can share their time stamp data with other actors, and make ports connectable which enhances port connectivity by allowing them to link up with shipping companies.

Total Interconnectivity

The Perseus system is a solution to interconnect any desired maritime actor to allow data sharing and collaboration, independent of the systems used by the individual participant. With limited individual adoptions, a port can connect with upstream and downstream ports, individual ships or shipping companies or other actors, within or outside the port. Perseus can be used by the existing infrastructure, e.g. a PCS, to empower its capabilities. The systems of the desired partners are not of relevance anymore, same as in the general Internet one user doesn’t need to care about the systems one is connecting with.

Enable External BDI Interface

Often external Business Data Intelligent Services (BDI) is used to increase situational awareness, inform partners on desired actions, and utilize Big Data Analysis to gain efficiency. Perseus allows their users to fluently share BDI output with any partner in a secure way without the need to build individual connectors between themselves. Perseus is the broker between different system environments.

Take control over port calls with Perseus SAT

Perseus SAT (Situational Awareness Tool) developed on the top of robust and secure Perseus connectivity platform allows users to take control over planned, ongoing, and completed port calls.

The advanced searching feature helps you find what you are looking for easily by filtering data through various parameters.

Users can also add new or complete missing information about existing port calls using this versatile tool which provides an overall view of all maritime activities at one place in real time with high accuracy rate.


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