Any task can only be executed correctly, organizations and eco systems can only be successful, if all involved persons understand their tasks and how they need to execute. MarineFields offers various training customized solutions, both e-Learning as well classroom training, to support your needS.

C-Level Training

The correct digitalization is paramount for the success of any organization in the maritime domain. The board decisions, or the lack of this, on this topic has essential impact of the future of any actor in shipping.

Executives – C-Level Managers – need to understand the overall picture of digitalisation and its effect on the organization they lead. MarineFields can develop this high-level training, customized to its client’s organization, to allow the executive team gaining the necessary understanding for providing guidance and make business decision. This training will focus on the specific needs of executives, taking into consideration the specifics of the organization and will not was5t the precious time of the board members with unnecessary technical details.

Coordinator Training

An essential success factor for implementing digitalisation solutions is the adequate coordination of the implementation across actors and with various effected organizations. As such it is important that the coordinator or the coordinating team is fully educated on their tasks. MarineFields will prepare customized training for the coordinators of your digitalization project. It will take the scope of the project, involved actors and selected technology in account to provide the coordinators with the necessary knowledge to be successful.

Actor specific Training

Within the different maritime eco systems, be it ports, shipping lines or others, each actor has individual and different needs in respect of digitalization. Not only during implementation projects, but also when onboarding new employees, the different actors need to be fully aware of their responsibilities and how to collaborate in the digital context of their assignments. MarineFields will develop customized training for any involved actor to ensure they can participate with success in their specific niche of the digitalized eco system. Besides improving capabilities and certainty in their assignments, the training will also ensure to the community the actor works in that they can successfully support the overall mission.

Client and Supplier Training

When using digital solutions, for example in ports, it is essential that both clients as well as suppliers can cope with the digital communication and collaboration. Existing clients and suppliers need to get an understanding, new clients need introduction to ensure client satisfaction rather than frustration.

MarineFields can develop customized e-Learning solutions to allow your clients and suppliers to get the necessary introduction on their own pace and schedule. It also provides you with a scalable, reusable and economic solution, freeing up your organization from the many questions and discussions with clients and suppliers on how to interact.
the precious time of the board members with unnecessary technical details.

Solution training

Once a specific technical solution, which may be a situational specific combination of different tools, has been chosen and will be implemented, anyone using this solution needs to be training in its handling. MarineFields can develop customized solution training, above and beyond tool specific training, to ensure the persons involved have the necessary knowledge for using the solution.

Employee familiarization Training

The right level of employee fluctuation can be an inspiration for any organization and is a main task of any HR department. But with new employees coming on board, they need to be educated with the special conditions and in most cases also with the specific technology, procedures, and company culture. As such successful on-boarding of new employees is a task nobody should underestimate. MarineFields can develop customized familiarization training as a basis for the onboarding process. The e-Learning will allow efficient familiarization with all necessary aspects. It is up to you to decide to which level this introductory training should go and ad which level individual training and mentoring is used to improve efficient and effective work of your employees.


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