Marine-Fields Holding Ltd, is pleased to announce the acquisition of BM Bergmann Marine GmbH. The transaction, which was completed in Hamburg on 27th of January 2023, is a formal validation of the close and successful cooperation between the two companies over the past few years. The two innovative organisations join forces  to create a leading team of marine services and solutions.


The acquisition, is a further step in the growth of Marine-Fields Holding, part of the Tototheo Maritime Group of companies which brings together the expertise and resources of BM Bergmann Marine, a well-established provider of maritime consultancy and advisory service, and Marine-Fields Holding, a leader in maritime consultancy, digital solutions and training. Under the same umbrella BM Bergmann Marine and Marine-Fields, will offer a comprehensive range of services and products to customers in the maritime industry, including ship owners, and operators, ports, coastal administrations and hinterland logistics.


Bringing BM Bergmann Marine in the Marine-Fields family will significantly enhance the companies’ ability to meet the growing demand for marine services and solutions, while also creating new opportunities for growth and expansion. The combined companies will have a strong presence in key markets around the world and will be well-positioned to take advantage of emerging trends and opportunities in the maritime industry, especially as it relates to digitalization, data sharing and collaborative decision making as well as port and related supply chain optimization.


“We are excited to join forces with Marine-Fields and to build on the strengths of both companies,” said Michael Bergmann, MD of BM Bergmann Marine. “Together, we will be able to offer an even broader range of services and solutions, to our customers and we look forward to mutual growth and serving the needs of the maritime industry in the challenging times of digitalization.”


Andreas Chrysostomou CEO of Marine-Fields Holding and Chief Strategy Officer at Tototheo Maritime  stated “The addition of BM Bergmann Marine GmbH to the Marine-Fields Holding portfolio comes at a crucial time as the maritime industry is at the crossroad of decarbonisation and digitalisation.  Marine-Fields has been offering services to the industry since 2017 as an independent provider of maritime related services and now is expanding those services to include the knowledge and expertise of BM Bergman Marine.  We look forward to new achievements by this new setup.’