Internet of Maritime (IoM)

The Perseus system is a solution to interconnect any desired maritime actor to allow data sharing and collaboration, independent of the systems used by the individual participant. With limited individual adoptions, a port can connect with upstream and downstream ports, individual ships or shipping companies or other actors, within or outside the port. Perseus can be used by the existing infrastructure, e.g. a PCS, to empower its capabilities. The systems of the desired partners are not an issue for connectivity anymore, same as in the general Internet one user doesn’t need to care about the systems one is connecting with. As such Perseus establishes an IoM by allowing inter-operability between the different involved systems following ships’ port rotation schemas – within and between ports.

The Connector

Alliances of ship lines are being established and are building platforms to interact with each other. These are also building links to the port actors of the alliance members. At the same time alliances of terminal operators are growing with their own systems solutions. While building alliance proprietary platforms isn’t easy, a growing headache is how to connect to actors that are not part of the alliance, for example if they are used as spot charter partners. Here Perseus provides the solution. It can connect the different platforms by being a neutral provider of services for anyone to connect to, provide data to, and to consume data from.

Business Data Intelligence (BDI)

Often external Business Data Intelligent Services (BDI) is used to increase situational awareness, inform partners on desired actions and utilize Big Data Analysis to gain efficiency. Perseus allows their users to fluently share BDI output with any partner in a secure way without the need to build individual connectors between themselves. Perseus is the broker between different system environments.

Benefits of PERSEUS

An impartial and interoperable platform
Situational awareness which will lead to a competitive advantage in relation to operations within a specific port or terminal
Port Authorities
Other port operators could offer other clients the situational awareness providing means to leading to competitive advantage for the port
Shipping Companies
Shipping companies demand same capabilities from other ports leading to competitive advantages for the shipping company

Achieve Data Sharing

with Perseus.

A Digital Infrastructure between all connected actors allowing once interface for everyone to share time stamp data to each other, port actors to be connected to other port actors; and for ports and port actors to be connected to shipping companies.

What we can help you achieve

Instant data sharing between all connected actors.